Is Yelling the New Spanking?

I thought this was a great article so wanted to repost it here… Is Yelling the New Spanking?┬áIn addition to the discipline resources listed in the article, I’ve found that when I am caring for my needs well, I yell much less. It’s when I’m feeling resentful, time and sleep deprived and/or hungry, my bandwidth is too thin to withstand even the slightest test of my patience and bam, slam, just like that I’m crazy lady.

This is not new information to any of you, but we’re all so programmed to take care of others needs first, that if we’re not mindful of our thoughts and actions, we just do, do, do for others by default. So even though it may feel selfish, taking care of our own needs actually enables us to care more for others.

The question then becomes, what does that look like? What does taking care of my own needs mean to me? It’s different for everyone so it’s worth taking some quiet time or during your meditation to reflect on this for some concrete actions you can put into place today. Enjoy! The Journey IS the Reward:)!