Synchrodestiny with the Man Himself

March 11th was the date I posted about the Deepak Chopra books I’d recently read which included a couple on synchrodestiny– the beauty and significance of coincidences. Well, if this isn’t synchrodestiny, I don’t know what is, but about 10 days later, I received free tickets to see Deepak himself, live, here in Santa Barbara! Not only that, but, thanks to my proactive and thoughtful husband, I was able to attend a small (50 person) dinner with Mr. Chopra the night before his headliner. In my wildest dreams I would not have considered that a possibility and then, within the blink of an eye, it all happened effortlessly.


 Thank you, Vivienne, for taking this picture for me!

The synchrodestiny of these incredible opportunities gives me chills and thrills. I was also fascinated to discover what an incredibly intelligent and active person Deepak is. Although his energy would make one think so, he is not just sitting and meditating all day. Besides being a prolific author with 75 titles to his credit, he’s actively engaged in all sorts of organizations and foundations. He teaches a business class at Columbia, mentors young entrepreneurs, teaches a wide variety of courses at his center in San Diego, etc.

His talk at the dinner focused on everything from Stephen Hawking level discussions on the cosmos, all the way down to my level of understanding–meditation. The lecture on Friday had almost no overlap and covered topics ranging from changing the consciousness of business, especially Wall Street, to his latest discoveries on health and consciousness, and of course…meditation.

He also spoke about creating peace and happiness universally through each of our own individual commitments to these states of being. One comment that stood out for me was this equation for happiness:  H=S+C+V

Happiness=Set Point in the Brain+Conditions of the Brain+Voluntary Actions This link is to a video of him describing the different components of the formula, but the main part I remember is that the way to raise your basic happiness level set point in the brain is through meditation. So for all of us who are longing for some tangible benefits to meditation, there’s a huge bonus!

Thank you, Universe, for arranging those spectacular coincidences!