New Oprah/Chopra Meditation Challenge Starts Today!

It’s been months and months and months since I’ve written. It’s not for lack of material or interest, that’s for sure. I think of and feel like I could write you daily; I should!  Nevertheless, I haven’t.

However, since there is a new Oprah/Chopra meditation challenge kicking off today, I thought I’d at least send you the link for that These are a great way to start a meditation practice for the beginner, an easy win for meditating with kids, and a nice change up for those with an established practice. Sometimes I’m just too tired to meditate and I’ll just pull up an old guided meditation of theirs (from a CD I purchased) and just sit. It refreshes me every time!

Remember, these free meditations are only up for 5 days before they are taken down so commit to doing it for the next 21 days and see how it goes. I’m pretty sure you’ll be enjoy them as much as I do (and my kids, too!!).

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