An Observation, a Technique–Making Separations

I found this draft today and although it’s several months old, it’s still relevant, so I’ll go ahead and post

As you probably know, I absolutely LOVE all things metaphysical, health, and environmental related, and immerse myself in every media form on these topics leaving little room for other subjects and non-fiction.

I did, however, change it up a bit this past fall to read, The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt. It’s a monster 771 page book and I’m delighted to have made it to the end. I did notice, however, that I was slightly more irritable and used more foul language during that time. I didn’t start doing drugs like the characters and I learned a lot about that world, so again, glad to have had the experience, but still, it affected me on some level. As soon as I went back to my metaphysics, I felt an uptick in my mood and energy. I know there’s a lot of good nonfiction out there, including this book, so wonder if anyone else has had an awareness of how they have been affected by external media besides the obvious depression-driving nightly news which I avoid at all costs.

Speaking of being affected by things, I also listened to the Serial podcast by NPR and I know a bunch of you have as well. I found myself thinking about it a lot even when I wasn’t listening to it. Finally, in order to get my equilibrium back, I made separations with the series.

If you’ve ever had a reading with me, you probably know I’m a big advocate for making energetic separations with other people to keep our own energy super clean, but did you know that you can also make separations with practically anything? I made separations with the podcast and to my great relief, stopped over analyzing who did what to whom and when. Give this technique a try the next time you can’t stop thinking about something or someone and you’ll be delighted by the results.

Keep up the good work!