Yogi Bling and Offer

Have you ever met someone, or even luckier, do you you have a friend who is genuinely unique and magical and amazing, and every time you’re around them, you leave inspired to be happier, lighter, more fun? They put so much light into the world that anyone in their presence is inevitably affected.

I am blessed to have such a friend and as testament to her imperturbability (I recently learned that word and love it!), she still talks to me even after sharing a house between our two families for a week once (Frankly, I’m just not that easy to be around 24/7). I would have dumped my sadass quicker than a hot potato–psychic?!, haha–more like psycho!! Cringe, I shudder at the thought…

Anyway, Rise has recently decided to share her wonderful wit and wisdom with a mutual friend of ours who designs beautiful jewelry. When I found out they had a Yogi Line that even included a Chakra Lariat and Chakra Pendant, I had to pass it on to my peeps! Rise and Kim liked the idea and even granted us a special offer of 25% off any order from the Yogi Line. Just enter Soulful into the code section at check out.

Now that I have you all thinking of those special people in your life that ignight your inner joy and you’re just smiling at the thought of them, go ahead and take a minute to tell them how awesome they are. While you’re at it, remind yourself that what you admire in others is a reflection of something inside of you! You are the igniter, too. Now go light it up and enjoy your own awesome self:)!

5 thoughts on “Yogi Bling and Offer

  1. You are my FAVORITE person in the entire world!!!!! You said so many nice things about me, you must have been drinking! Hah!! We changed the chakra necklace and will send you a new one in the new style if you think you will wear it!!! I adore you and count my blessings to have you in my life!! Xoxoxox



  2. Cuppa Joe was all, not an ounce of lemocello around, not that I’ve actually had a sip since. Either way, you have to know it was all true–especially since you get these sorts of accolades routinely from your vast array of admirers. And yes, I wear, read, watch anything coming from your energy!

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