Robbed and a Good Reminder

Last Wednesday was unusual, but I won’t go into all the oddities. Some would call them coincidences, but I don’t believe in coincidences.

To keep it simple, I’ll just say that my oldest son had a last minute volleyball practice added to the schedule across town. I usually would have left my other two kids home while I shuttled him to practice so they could do homework, but this time, I just felt like it was too far and for too long in case traffic backed up. Intuitive hit? I’m not sure, but I made them come with me much to their consternation. I brought along our dog as an appeasement.

Low and behold, when we returned an hour and half later, we found our house had been burglarized. I could feel the negative energy from the burglars in addition to being able to see where they had physically pulled out drawers and left open cabinet doors during their search.

I immediately started grounding our house even as I walked around trying to figure out how they had broken in and what had been stolen. When the Sheriff arrived and asked for our IDs, we realized my wallet had also been stolen. I’d not noticed it out of my purse when I drove off to pick up the kids. As my husband and I jumped on our phones calling the credit card companies, I knew I wasn’t in a place to get mentally quiet enough to do as much energy work as was needed right then, so I put out an APB to two of my psychic friends and asked for their energetic assistance pronto!

Everything is energy and it’s important to keep that energy clear. For example, when you move into a new place or have had some work done to your dwelling, it’s always a good idea to do a home cleanse. I once did a cleanse for a family before they moved into their newly built home and found huge amounts of dark energy in the garage. I told my client about it and she reported that the workers had used the garage as a toilet during construction. Oh my. Even if you bring in new or antique furniture, go ahead and ground off any energy it may have with it so it can be neutral in your home.

Anyway, after a couple of hours, the Sheriff finally left and I was able to regroup with the kids. I asked them to ground themselves and help me ground our home. It was a good reminder that I’d not talked with them about using their energy in awhile. They still felt uncomfortable and ended up sleeping in our room that night, but at least we’d discussed ways to ease the fear and I believe it was lessened by their grounding.

The next morning, one of my kids (the sensitive one mentioned in the last post) told me, “Mom, I just don’t want to touch anything they touched. It feels icky,” providing yet another good opportunity to bring up owning our personal space, making separations with the burglars, increasing our grounding, etc.

During the whole ordeal, we all remained remarkably calm–thanks in large part to my friends supporting from afar. There were no tears or hysterics, just gratitude that no one was home or harmed in the process. For me at least, I felt strongly that we were a small piece of a much bigger picture.  Every morning, I ask to be of service no matter how that looks, and I had an inkling that this was just part of that service as strange as that sounds.

Yes, I’m in complete denial about the long lines at DMV to replace my ID, but that’s about it. Oh, and I’m leaving our newly appointed guard dog home more often:).

I hope this inspires you to ground, ground, ground!


14 thoughts on “Robbed and a Good Reminder

  1. Susan, I am sorry this happened. So thankful you listened to yourself and took the kids with you on the errand. I will remember to ground today. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Yikes! So happy and grateful you all are safe and sound. That sounds scary. I like the reminder to ground and clear. I have been trying to teach my girls how to do this but they think i am a bit nuts. Do you have any ideas on how to teach teens to ground and more importantly clear bad energy. There is a lot of that going around the middle school and high school. Maybe an upcoming blog post…?

  3. Oh, cousin, I’m so sorry this happened and even more impressed as you always seem to amaze me in the way you get through a trial and brief emotional turmoil. Thank you for sharing. Always thinking of you all!

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