$50 and $.50 Continued…

A few days after receiving my reading about the strange $50, I was at the thrift store with my kids who were looking for items to create their Halloween costumes. While they were busy perusing the treasure trove of possibilities, I wandered around as well. I came across a tiny bookshelf in the glassware section–a different floor, even, than their normal large book section. Curious, I bent down to check out the books and was surprised to find a book that I had been reading from the library, wishing all along I had my own copy for my personal reference.

That book, by the way, is “Anatomy of Spirit,” by Caroline Myss. I had devoured the first few chapters and already then wished for my own copy so I could highlight important insights and otherwise mark it up. But then she gets into some heavy work on each of the chakras and I was having a harder time getting through those chapters all the while running out of time on my library loan. Earlier that morning I’d received the dreaded, items are due back soon email thus creating my current “wish” for my own personal copy.

Fast forward back to the thrift shop that afternoon and of course you know that the first book I spotted was “Anatomy of Spirit.” I pulled that out as a little “sign” and smiled and thanked the universe:). Then I saw another book I’d read, but had loaned out, but never received back, and another that I’d wanted to share with a friend, but wasn’t willing to give up my own copy, and yet another that was a great read that I’d given away. As I contemplated buying all four books, I tried to find the prices on the inside cover because this thrift shop is either bizarrely expensive or I’m still living in the 1970’s. I know you’re going to think I’m crazy, but as I started to put the other three books back on the shelf, I “just happened” to notice a sign above the book case saying each of these books was…drumroll please…yep, you guessed it, 50 cents! Wow, wow, my heart soared, this stuff is so fun!

Did I mention that I’d found two quarters, ie, 50 cents, at the gym that morning as well? Yep! True…

5 thoughts on “$50 and $.50 Continued…

  1. I love that you are noticing all these messages around you. It is a good reminder there is a lot around us nudging us and encouraging us when we can be present & actually see it!

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