Women’s Reclamation and Renewal

Way back in this post, I talked about the incredible growth I’d experienced as a result of a Women’s Renewal Retreat I participated in last January. That weekend was so powerful, that our group asked the supremely talented facilitators, Sharon and Jess, to create more opportunities for us to continue what we’d started. As a result, Women’s Reclamation and Renewal was born.

I won’t go into all the details about what we did during those gatherings, because Sharon and Jess are offering another series commencing September 13th for those of you lucky enough to live in California’s Central Coast. I will say, however, that I continue to reflect upon and use the wisdom I gained from those experiences in more ways than I ever could have anticipated.

Here is a quick description of the next series:

Women’s Reclamation & Renewal is a four part series that guides women on a journey of transformation in a wilderness context. Guided group practices and solo experiences are intended to offer opportunities to build a relationship with the landscape that activates your personal potential, enriching your lives and inevitably the communities that hold you.


Weekend I:  September 13 & 14 ( 9am Saturday – 5pm Sunday)

Weekend II: October 4 ( 9am – 5pm Saturday)

Weekend III: October 19 ( 9am – 5pm Sunday)

Weekend IV: November 7 – 9 ( 9am Friday – 5pm Sunday)

If you’re looking for a guaranteed way to shake things up in your life, this is your ticket!  Let me know if you take the plunge and we can have our own private pow wow. If you have any questions or hesitations, feel free to contact Sharon, Jess, or myself and we’d be happy to walk you through them. Ooooh, I’m getting the tingles just thinking about all the wonderfulness that will surely happen here!

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