Oprah/Chopra and A Friend

I just love the Oprah/Chopra rhyme! I believe it’s more than coincidence that their names sound so similar. Maybe God/the Universe/Higher Being thought we needed both the male and female version at the same time on earth to make a bigger impact than either of them could have singularly.

Anyway, as you know, I am a big fan of their 3 week meditation challenges because it’s an easy way to get the family involved. They have another one beginning on August 11th and the theme this time is Expanding Your Happiness.

If you’ve done any of their previous meditations, you know that they always begin with a mantra which is simply a word, phrase, or sound repeated to help you get past your thoughts and deeper into your spiritual awareness. What I didn’t know, is that while there are many universal mantras, each of us also has our own personal mantra that is determined by the time, place, and date of our birth.

My dear friend, Armenia, has just completed the second in a three part teaching program from the Chopra Center and is teaching meditation and Ayurveda both locally in South Carolina and virtually over Skype. I did a meditation class with her which was great and it entitled me to my own special mantra. Since I have a pretty strong meditation practice that does not involve mantras, I was surprised by how much affinity I had for the one she gave me. It immediately became a part of my daily experience.

Since my kids were familiar with mantras in general from the Oprah/Chopra meditations, I gifted them each their own personal mantra through Armenia for their summer birthdays. They probably would have preferred an actual birthday party at this age, but I’m hoping over the course of their lifetime, they will forgive me my lack of entertaining capability and appreciate this gesture more. Armenia did an absolutely brilliant job relating meditation to their level, teaching them how to use their mantra, and keeping the kids engaged–no easy task for most subjects let alone, something as vague as meditation. If you’d like your own personal mantra, or to learn more about mediation or the Ayurveda lifestyle, check out Armenia’s website and her blog .

Remember to sign up for the Oprah/Chopra mediation series next month and see if you can get your family involved, too:)! It would also be great if you sign up for Deepak’s special worldwide meditation on August 8th. He is going for the Guinness world record and the intention is for peace. Here is the link to sign up for that one time event http://globalmeditation.chopra.com. Finally, here is a good article with a video clip of Oprah interviewing Deepak as they prepared for their first 21 day challenge.  I think both the article and clip will get you inspired for these upcoming events.

Let me know how it goes for you:). In the meantime, so hum!

3 thoughts on “Oprah/Chopra and A Friend

  1. Interesting and Congratulations to Aremia for the wonderful path she has chosen! I have tried to add mediations to my daily routine also. Last month i added to my phone the Living in Love app. it is Oprah and Chopra also. I will check out the links you attached. Thanks!

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