Did You Notice…??

If you are doing the Oprah/Chopra (just love the rhyme of that:)) 21 day Meditation Experience this time around, did you notice the Message of the Day tab to the right of the play button?

I hadn’t until yesterday so thought I’d point it out in case you’d missed it, too. I don’t know if it has been there all along and we’ve missed all of that wisdom from their past meditation challenges or if it is new to this series and we’ve missed just 7 days. In either case, I wanted to mention it because the “messages” are succinct, powerful, and I’ve found a great way to get the kids settled down and focused before the meditation actually starts.

There is also a Journal tab to the right of the Message of the Day tab if you’d like to keep an online journal about your experiences.

If you haven’t started it yet, there’s still time to sign up. They only allow you to have access to each day for 5 days so you’ll just have missed the first few days if you sign up today. Here’s the link… https://chopracentermeditation.com/

If you are doing the series, I hope you’re enjoying it as much as we are:)!


6 thoughts on “Did You Notice…??

  1. The timing of this one hasn’t been great with my schedule so I hope to really get into it this week. One thing I really don’t like is how he no longer says Namaste at the end. It’s funny how the little things matter. It feels so open ended now without a close, you know?

    • Oh that’s so interesting. I hadn’t noticed, in fact, I think I assumed he did because the kids say, “namaste” at the end. They must have remembered that from last time while it never made my own consciousness. Maybe I was just too thrilled and/or relieved that we “got through” another one successfully that I missed that lovely salutation.

  2. Susan – I’m so impressed that your kids are joining you in this! I’ve had A&D listen to a couple – interest is lacking, but the seed is planted 🙂 Thanks for the Message of the Day tip. I had been missing the email intro he had in other Challenges, so this rounds out the experience for me.

    • Trust me, SFK, there’s nothing to be impressed by. It’s not as Zen or Martha as you imagine, but we’re trying and that counts for something:). I am incentivizing them, which you know, I rarely do, but this I care about and it seems to be working. Good luck with the meditations:)!

  3. Oops! My mistake. He IS doing namaste! He sort of changed the format. So after the meditation when he says to open your eyes and take deep breaths, I just heard music for a while. I thought that was the end! So I’ve been shutting it off. And then yesterday I realized that he starts talking again. And then the namaste comes after that. Yay! Each time he does one of these, he tweaks it a little bit. It’s funny that I have favorites based on the louder gong or better music. It’s the little things 🙂

    • I also noticed last night’s music/gong was quieter and I was distracted by the traffic outside our house (or was it the smell of my teenagers feet, ugh, oops, too much info), but then at the end he said Namaste and I thought of you:)!!

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