Dying To Be Me

I’ve just finished Anita Moorjani’s, Dying To Be MeIt’s an easy and fast read, yet inspirational. I even assigned it to my 10 year daughter as a consequence for something. She was only a third of the way through when she told me it wasn’t really a consequence because she liked the book!

I particularly appreciated Anita’s prism analogy on page 163 in the Q&A section. She says that unconditional love is like a prism refracting pure white light or love into the different colors of the rainbow. You’d never judge any of the colors as being bad or good, they just are what they are. The same is true for our emotions. Trying to deny an emotion that we judge as negative is like trying to extract a color from a rainbow. Without all the colors, all the emotions, the rainbow can’t exist.

She says, ” We don’t have to act on every emotion; we just have to accept that they’re part of who we are. Denying them would be like prohibiting a certain color from being refracted through the prism. Only by embracing the full spectrum of our feelings without judgement, can we get in touch with the pure essence of unconditional love that resides at our core.”

This reminds me that we have to love/accept all of ourselves–the good, bad, and the ugly–and only then can love grow in abundance.

She also mentions at some point that we can’t give away what we don’t have so if you say to your children or spouse or whomever, “I love you”, but you don’t love yourself, then it rings hollow and false–because it is!

6 thoughts on “Dying To Be Me

  1. I loved this book. Since I have many health opportunities, it really spoke to me. I actually listened to it while Ethan and I drove to and from school. It was the perfect time to discuss sickness, spirituality and the body’s amazing ability to heal, as well as feeling and accepting every emotion and what it means to love unconditionally. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this book.

  2. Susan it’s like you speak for my brain. Your words, translations, interpretations and advice touches me deeply. Thank you for your posts. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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