Relocation Email RePost

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
Leo Tolstoy

Dear Friends,

I hope this email finds you in motion and with abundant blessings.

Fall is a wonderful time of transition. The leaves turn lovely hues before falling to the ground where they decompose thus providing nutrients for new leaves in the spring. Humans are part of nature as well and we need to release old thought patterns and behaviors that are no longer working in order to be able to bring in new ones that we consciously choose to manifest.

Personally, I have been in a huge transitional phase since early summer when we decided to leave Paris and move to Santa Barbara. This was one of the most difficult decisions my husband and I have ever made and ultimately, we made it based on “signs” rather than logic. Let me explain.

About two years ago, I was doing some soul searching on where I wanted to live. While meditating, Santa Barbara came up although I’d only been here for one weekend many years ago. There are other communities with similar characteristics that I was much more familiar with, but Santa Barbara was the place that came through loud and clear. My mind didn’t understand this since it thought you had be Oprah to live in this beautiful part of the country. Santa Barbara is not a hotbed for business, so it seemed you needed to be self funded to qualify as a resident. Nevertheless, inspired by a friend who always does something physical on his birthday to signal to the universe what he intends to manifest in the coming year, I changed the weather and news on my computer homepage to be about Santa Barbara.

I certainly intended to live here someday, but in my mind, I assumed I’d be much older since I’d need a much larger savings account to make it possible. As usual, the mind can’t imagine the power of the spirit and just 18 months later, a series of unexpected and unimaginable events, too long to go into here, were put into motion that enabled us to be here today–and none of them involved what my “brain” believed were the necessary prerequisites. I am humbled and awestruck.

Following spiritual guidance doesn’t necessarily mean things will be easy. Getting here for us meant taking a huge leap of faith. My husband had to leave a company he’s been passionate about for 14 years and had a golden reputation with, to start with a new, smaller company as an unknown and with much less financial security. The timing wasn’t ideal either in that our enjoyed time abroad was cut shorter than expected and we arrived here with just a few short weeks to find housing, schools, cars, phones, drivers’ licenses, the works. It also meant that we had to give up the opportunity to move back to our home and dear friends in Seattle. It’s not always easy letting go of our “leaves”.

My husband has a strong cerebral side and and tried to use a spreadsheet to help him with his anguish over the decision. He ran the numbers and listed out the pros and cons for a couple of weeks. On paper, it did not make sense to make this change. Ultimately, however, there were so many “coincidences” and signs that we eventually decided to trust them and take that blind leap of faith.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of you and wanted to share some of these insights since I’m still blown away by the miracle of me writing this email from Santa Barbara–a place I’d dreamed of living, but never imagined I could manifest as a reality so soon. I thought it would be fun to share my experience in hopes you’ll be inspired to revisit and connect with your own dreams and the very real possibility of creating them in the present.

My family and I are just temporarily settled as we continue to look for long term housing, but I am finally back to reading regularly.  If you would like a spiritual perspective on your own transitions or for any other reason, feel free to contact me and we’ll get something scheduled. I am attaching my Q&A for your reference.

In the meantime, I recently watched this video and thought you, too, would find it of interest

Blessings to you,


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