Meditation and Other Tidbits Email RePost


I hope this email finds you feeling blessed and in motion.

Below are some articles, books, links, etc that I wanted to share with you. They may not be the latest and greatest, but still wanted to pass along.

I can’t remember if I sent this link out earlier, but I love it so much, thought I’d include it just the same. Try doing this morning and night until it becomes habit and you can do it on your own before you wake up and go to sleep

The house I’m renting is full of inspiring books and the one I’m currently reading from their library, “The Power of Intention” by Wayne Dyer–a high recommend!!

If you missed Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday with Deepak Chopra, here’s the link to the episode. He does a great job exploring the purpose and benefits of meditation I really enjoyed it and hope you will, too.

I don’t know how I started receiving these daily emails about living a loving life, but I’ve found them a quick read and inspiring so wanted to share the site in case you wanted to sign up, too I think you can choose to receive them daily, MWF, or even just weekly.

I know this has been out awhile now, but having just landed back in the states, I watched the documentary, I Am, and really enjoyed it I had the kids watch it with me and they didn’t protest too much so I think it was a winner:).

Being surrounded by all this inspiration has helped me grow personally and professionally and also dramatically increase the joy in my daily life. I hope you’ll find as much or more of the same for yourself. Please feel free to share what resources you’re working with as well. It’s fun to keep the positive energy spreading!

I  hope you and your families are enjoying this holiday season!

Best regards,


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